Cow Hide Bar Stools

Cow hide bar stools

A range of cow hide stools for sale. Custom cowhide stools can be made. All hide colours available. Chrome or wooden bases. Shipping to the UK and US available. Buy chrome or wooden cowhide stools today. .

Order Cow hide bar stools

Order Cow hide bar stools made every week. Contact for instant prices and pictures of new stock. $180 – $240 and can be couriered Worldwide. Couriers to the UK take 1-4 days with UPS. E

Cow Hide Bar Stools for your kitchen or bar. Cowhide stools on chrome or wooden base.Our cowhide store sells a range of designer cowhide rugs, cowhide kitchen or barstools & cow hide ottomans. Buy cowhide rugs online today. Our cow hide rugs come in three options: Solid, Spotted, and Brindle options. They have all been treated in the best environmentally conscious manner with a natural stain repellent. We have a range of custom cowhide bar stools in stock. Made locally shipped globally. Our cowhide store is based out of Gold Coast Australia. We courier all products all over the world. Courier within Australia takes 1-3 days. Express courier with UPS to the UK takes between 1-3 days. Enquire for instant shipping quote today.  


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  1. Well done ! what a great display of quality goods . cant wait to visit your show rooms .


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